JG32-150T Four-column packer

JG32-150T Four-column packer uses and characteristics:
This machine is suitable for cotton mills, dyeing and other textile enterprises into pieces of cloth. The machine uses twin, three-beam four-post structure, hydraulic solenoid valve control part, the package density of the pressure regulation, has a simple structure, low failure rate, easy to maintain.

Overview of main structures:
The machine and control by the host institution composed of two parts, through the piping and electrical installations constitute a whole, the host from the body, column, cylinder components, piping and control institutions by the power sector and electrical control box.
1. the machine has adjustments (Jog), semi-automatic choice of two working standards.
2. the main control system of the hydraulic cartridge valves by the integral manifold, pilot solenoid valve control valve to open. Action to improve the reliability and service life, while reducing hydraulic shock.
3. Four-body structure of a three-beam, the beam, the bottom beam, live beam are welded, chrome-plated four-post after heat treatment to enhance the wear resistance. Rely on the fuel tank flange beams within the last screw fastening. Connecting flange bottom of the piston rod is connected with the slider, the use of cylinder piston rod is also suppressed and driven rods, piston head material is gray cast iron and fitted with four Front guide ring wear, for orientation purposes.
Technical parameters:

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