JG-E1 series frame hydraulic press

This series machine is at home and abroad by the company in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturing industry for many years of experience and an independent design and development of universal hydraulic metal forming machinery, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, widely used in many manufacturing customers.

. Welded steel frame with a whole rack, the overall rigidity, high compressive strength;
. Pressure, stroke, pressure and other process requirements can be adjusted to suppress;
. Under the roof with a material, compound roof down on top of materials and drawing materials or light the different derived models for a variety of pressing technology needs;
. Clamping pressure from rising fast, reaching the rated pressure of only a few seconds;
. Are used in the home-style fuel tank, fuel tank replacement and easy cleaning;
. Approved by more than ten years the production quality and reliable performance.

. Metal or non-metallic parts of the embossing, extrusion, shallow drawing, shaping, molds and trimming such grant;
. Typical products may suppress the case, strap, spectacle frames and parts, photo frames, tableware, signs, locks, auto parts and metal parts.

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