JG32-140T sponge packer

JG32-140T sponge packer uses:
JG32-140T sponge packer is based on user needs and developed special equipment, the main products for suppressing foam packaging process.

JG32 -1 40 T sponge packer features:

1. the machine has adjustments (Jog), semi-automatic choice of two working standards.

2. the main control system of the hydraulic cartridge valves by the integral manifold, pilot solenoid valve control valve to open. Action to improve the reliability and service life, while reducing hydraulic shock.

3. the electrical system has a separate control cabinet and a sealed control cabinet. Operating table with time relay and has a separate switch to control its corresponding action.

4. the fuselage frame structure, on the beam, the bottom beam, the slider are welded, the main structure after stress relief heat treatment equipment has been advanced by the finishing line, the overall appearance of the fuselage to ensure smooth and beautiful, high precision, rigidity.

5. the main fuel tank imported Taiwan-based company seals tripod to improve the efficiency and life of seals to ensure reliable sealing performance.

6. part of the machine's hydraulic system installed in the machine side of the structure is beautiful and practical, easy maintenance.

7. to improve safety and reliability, the hydraulic system is equipped with overload protection device, can effectively protect the machine and operator safety.

8. this machine has a hydraulic system hydraulic oil filtration systems.

Structure Overview:
The machine is controlled by the host institution and the two major components. Host, including the fuselage, safety devices, fuel tanks and so on.
Control bodies, including the power sector, the electrical control box, electrical control boxes.
Technical parameters:

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