JG28 series double-acting hydraulic press sheet pulled up

This machine is mainly used in automotive, aviation, aerospace and other industries covered large parts of the drawing sheet, bending, but also for large-scale tensile test mold pressure spotting.
The whole process of creating good quality, we are able to invite customers to visit the production line!

Computer optimization of structural design, body frame or four-post structure can be used, frame rod preload structure, high accuracy and good rigidity; four-post structure is simple, economical and practical; corners directions guide, guiding precision, service life long; mobile workstations to facilitate mold replacement; stretching, blank slide pins can be together as one, single-action process action; mechanical, electrical, hydraulic integration of safety devices, such as the cylinder support under the cavity circuit, oil such as inferior vena cylinder safety interlock circuit is superior, imported PLC control, work sensitive and reliable.

This series of presses for deep drawing process to all, especially for the following areas: various types of containers; large automobile panels and parts; various molds debug: tractors, motorcycles, aerospace and aviation.

Optional Accessories:
. Proportional Speed slider device. Chong planted buffer device. Proportional Speed hydraulic cushion device. Light curtain safety protection device. Oil cooling device. Mold protection device. Displacement sensing device. Touch screen technology. Stripping device (hydraulic or mechanical type). Die change and rolling with a floating guide bracket. Quick clamping die. Lubrication system

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