JG27 series single-action hydraulic press

Computer optimization of structural design, four-post structure is simple, economical and practical, the hydraulic control system uses an integrated system of cartridge and reliability, long life, the hydraulic impact of small, less piping and leakage points link the use of imported PLC controlled electrical system , compact structure, flexible and reliable; relay control system is reliable and intuitive operation, easy maintenance, with the adjustment, manual, semi-automatic two kinds of operation. The end of the beam can be equipped with hydraulic pad, through the operation panel selection process not only can be, both constant pressure molding process, and the hydraulic cushion can be achieved manually, automatically, stretching three processes work cycle.

Field of application
This series of press for stretching, bending, forming, blanking blanking, flanging and other stamping process, especially for areas with BU:. Auto Parts:. Household appliances;. Kitchen appliances:. Other: tractors, motorcycles, aerospace and aviation.

Optional Accessories
. Displacement. Blanking buffer device. Light curtain safety protection device. Oil cooling device. Displacement sensing device. Touch screen technology. Stripping device (hydraulic or mechanical type). Quick clamping die. Mold protection device. Imports PLC. Rail lubrication device

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