The gear-type flexible coupling

Use and characteristics:
The product is suitable for flexible shaft between the drive shaft to allow a trap, the radial displacement. Has a simple structure, easy disassembly, easy maintenance, long life, low noise, cost less, the transmission loss of the advantages of small effect.

A cylindrical shaft hole type (Y) and short cylindrical (J). Even the slot by the national standard GB3852-83 "type of coupling bores and keyway size" requirement processing. Working temperature -20-70 íŠ. The material of cast iron HTZO-40 injection enhanced precision casting and nylon (nylon 66), etc., a special treatment process.

The factory production of ten in the series are widely used in gear-type flexible coupling forging, construction, mining, plastics, food, engineering, petroleum, chemical, machine tools, ships, leather, textiles, fans, pumps, etc. machinery transmission. It is superior to other structures of the coupling.

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