Nantong Jinguan Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. is the design, production, sales and service in one of the scientific and technological enterprises, first-class management, first-class innovation, first-class service, creating a first-class product quality hydraulic Golden Delicious.
        The company is automotive interiors special hydraulic machine of professional manufacturing company. The main products for automotive interior automatic Throwing production line, Ma felt special composite materials production lines, automotive interior linen sheet molding production lines, products for the automotive interior parts production. Maya 2006 introduction of the German technology, design and production of automotive interior framework of the press and the production line, glass and steel products dedicated frame hydraulic press, to fill the gap. All along, the company's products to the exquisite design, reasonable price, good quality and efficient after-sales service and technical support by the customer recognition, selling more than ten domestic provinces, cities and districts....

JG32 four-column universal hydraulic pre

JG28 series double-acting hydraulic pres

JG82 Basalt fiber composite plate produc

JG82 automotive interior Ma plate moldin

JG82 Ma felt composite hydraulic machine

Carbon fiber composite materials and spe
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